Over Our Heads

November 08, 2022 A collaboration between the Gottlieb Native Garden & the Los Angeles Zoo
Over Our Heads
Show Notes

Have you ever heard a bat? You probably haven’t. While bats are all around us, their presence goes practically undetected because of their nocturnal habits and silent (to us, at least) echolocation. We talk with Natural History Museum (NHM) Wildlife Biologist and Community Science Manager Miguel Ordeñana about how bats help start conversations about conservation in neighborhoods all across L.A., and the Gottlieb Native Garden’s naturalist Scott Logan shares his recordings allowing us to go beyond the limits of human hearing to get a sense of what bat calls really sound like.


More about NHM’s Be a Bat Detector Program: 

More about how to attract bats to your backyard (including DIY plans for bat houses):


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Dr Jake Owens, Director of Conservation, Los Angeles Zoo

Executive Producers:
Susan Gottlieb
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Diane Shader Smith
Denise Verret

April Merl
Jake Owens

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Brenda Scott Royce

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Micah Smith

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Hannah Beal
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