Next Gen Environmentalism

November 01, 2022 A collaboration between the Gottlieb Native Garden & the Los Angeles Zoo Season 1 Episode 3
Next Gen Environmentalism
Show Notes

This week, we speak with Brad Rumble, a Disney Conservation Hero Award winner for his work building a native plant habitat at Esperanza Elementary School in a concrete-laden part of L.A., about how transforming a school transforms a community. After that, we get a look into a summer program at the L.A. Zoo for the children of migratory workers, where they create imaginative projects centered on animal habitats. But teaching kids about critters is just part of the story. The zoo’s community program manager Coral Barreiro talks about the amazing transformations she sees in the students, and the important message she has for every child: the zoo belongs to you.  

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Dr Jake Owens, Director of Conservation, Los Angeles Zoo

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Jake Owens

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