A Tale of Two Birds

October 18, 2022 The Gottlieb Native Garden and the Los Angeles Zoo Season 1 Episode 1
A Tale of Two Birds
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In the heart of Los Angeles, there is a garden filled with more hummingbirds than anywhere this side of the Mississippi. We talk with the garden’s naturalist, Scott Logan, and UC Davis hummingbird expert and veterinarian Lisa Tell to discover how and why one person’s backyard became a haven for thousands of hummingbirds. We’re also joined by Dr. Eric Strauss, Executive Director of the Loyola Marymount University Center for Urban Resilience, who tells us how wildlife conservation in our urban setting is changing. Less than 10 miles away at the L.A. Zoo, we meet Star, a bird so rare that she was smuggled into the United States in someone’s socks, and it’s up to Mike Maxcy, Lori Rogalski and the team at the Zoo to save her – and maybe her species.

Want a peek into what hummingbird tagging looks like? See Lisa Tell collect a hummingbird for tagging here. See the chip reader that the hummingbirds fly through here.

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Dr Jake Owens, Director of Conservation, Los Angeles Zoo

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Brenda Scott Royce

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Meet Jake and Susan
A Hummingbird Oasis
What is nature?
Saving Bali Mynahs